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  • Digital Nature

    Digital nature stands for the contemporary phase of communication technologies, one that follows 19th century print culture and 20th century electronic broadcast culture, and that is deeply amplified and accelerated by the popularity of networked computers, personalised technologies and digital images. The emergence of digital nature is usually associated with a set of practices based on the ever more intensive use of communication technologies. These uses imply more participatory behaviors on the user side, an ever more visually riched environment and connection features that excell personal dimensions. Digital nature stands first of all for the changes brought about by the emergence of digital, networked and personalised media in our society and the passing from communication phases centred on print and broadcast media, to more personalised and networked media, that use digital compressing and processing capacities at their core. The consequences of such processes in societal terms and the means via which media technologies transform our modes of interaction and representation, broadly constitute what is called “digital nature”.  

  • Nature Creavity

    Concept is on the most important and primary elements during the design process. Through the history, nature has been always a source of inspiration for the human begin in different aspects of their life. Architecture interiors as one of the remarkable features in every society cannot be separated from nature. Nowadays architects and interior designers are constructing buildings without having a specific target or goal which decreases the value of the buildings. Various designers have been using concepts inspired from nature but still there are some missing parts in one of their forms, function, or structure. Therefore, the best solution for the architects and designers to increase the optimization in their design works is looking at the nature in every aspect deeper and try to apply them in their conceptual design of their project which is the heart of the design process while other architects have neglected concepts of nature despite that the surrounding environment and nature always influences human perception. 

  • Spider Web

    The spider web concept is trying to give a look about how we will be connected in future and try to visualize a conceptual pattern of it.

  • Time Travel

    Can time travel be real?